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John Tintle is the writer and creator of this blog and two more WordPress blogs called Tech Rant and jtbooks. John also writes reviews for Real Tech News, a technology and web information site, ran by Alice Hill. John lives in Tamp, Florida which is why you will see some hurricane pictures here also.

John became interested in the images of space at an early age, while living in North East Wisconsin. Just by starring up at the sky on those cold, clear winter nights and see the beauty unfold before him, as the stars and galaxies swirl around themselves. While in the United States Navy, John had another opportunity to view the stars unblocked by city lights.

I really hate talking in the third person about myself, so that would be the end of that. This is a web site dedicated to the images of space and the great images of space. I started this site because I disliked the fact that most of the NASA or JPL sites didn’t utilize RSS feeds. I post images and captions directly from NASA, JPL and other sites, by doing this people can use my Feeds to view the outstanding space pictures that are produced.


1. kierra - August 2, 2006

You are so cool

2. Noel - September 18, 2006

wow this is osom I LUV science now it is so osom

3. cuma - September 23, 2006

bende space photos sahibi olmak istiyorum

4. hector, lia and lisa - October 12, 2006

nice pics john really great stuff i love and my kids too keep up the good we are with you

5. Paul Sakir - January 16, 2007

It is a really great work your blog, John!marvelous pic’s, thanks a lot. Paul, France

6. aisha aslam - January 27, 2007

i love this suff about space .i love the piturers about the moon.

7. mgrodzki - January 27, 2007

nice stuff… i do a similar run on terrestrial bodies only at http://www.wanderingspace.net

8. Abdur Rahman - June 2, 2007

Hi John,

Just wanted to say that this is a really great blog. With your permission, I’m adding a link from my own blog (if it’s a problem, let me know and I’ll remove it).

Best wishes

Abdur Rahman

9. bibomedia - February 29, 2008


10. jzholloway - July 9, 2008

Great site!

11. Jewels - December 16, 2008

Hi John, Just wanted to Thank You for the opportunity of being able to access such a wonderful website. Keep up the good work.

12. DJMads - January 14, 2009

very good Website i have stumbled apon it and it is awesome
Check out my website at http://www.djmadsworld.com

13. Ak|Bo - January 21, 2009

they’re really good. i suggest you zip the pics and provide archive downloads


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