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Montes Alpes and Montes Caucasus January 24, 2012

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Montes Alpes is a mountain range in the northern part of the Moon‘s near side. It was named after the Alps in Europe. This range forms the northeastern border of the Mare Imbrium lunar mare. To the west of the range is the level and nearly featureless mare, while on the eastern face is a more rugged continental area with a higher albedo. The range begins about one crater diameter northwest of the crater Cassini, at the Promontorium Agassiz, then stretches about 50 kilometers to the northwest and continues in intermittent fashion to the eastern rim of the dark-floored crater Plato. In this last stretch can be found the system of rilles named Rimae Plato.

Montes Caucasus is a rugged range of mountains in the northeastern part of the Moon. It begins at a gap of level surface that joins the Mare Imbrium to the west with the Mare Serenitatis to the east, and extends in an irregular band to the north-northeast to the western side of the prominent crater Eudoxus. The range forms the northwestern boundary of the Mare Serenitatis. It forms a continuation of the Montes Apenninus range to the southwest.


Vixen NA 120 mm, Mount: Sky Watcher NEQ 6 Pro, Barlow: Tele Vue Powermate 5X, CCD TIS DMK 21AU04.AS, Filter: Baader Fringe killer
4 avi films 2500 frames 1/15 seg. Processing: RegiStax6, Fitswork, GIMP2, iMerge<

Submitted by: Sergi Torrents Gonzalez (SERGIT) (SERGIT)
Location: Montmeló (Barcelona-Spain)
Date: August 20 2011


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