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Neutron Star Earth October 9, 2008

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See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download   the highest resolution version available.

If the Earth could somehow be transformed to the ultra-high density of a neutron star , it might appear as it does in the above computer generated figure. Due to the very strong gravitational field, the neutron star distorts light from the background sky greatly. If you look closely, two images of the constellation Orion are visible. The gravity of this particular neutron star is so great that no part of the neutron star is blocked from view – light is pulled around by gravity even from the back of the neutron star.

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This is the very first post from the Astronomy Picture of the Day(APoD) site, on June 16, 1995. APoD happens to be the main reason I started Space Photos back in September of 2005, I loved the images of APoD and they didn’t have a RSS feed at the time, so I thought I would post the images here and let people use my feed, well one thing led to another and Space Photos was started.

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