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Ulysses, the end of an extraordinary mission June 4, 2008

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After more than 17 years relentlessly exploring the effects of solar activity on the space that surrounds us, the Ulysses mission is now approaching its end. Representatives of the media are invited to a joint ESA/NASA press conference on 12 June 2008 taking place at ESA Headquarters in Paris, France, to hear about the achievements that will form the Ulysses legacy.

Ulysses, a pioneering ESA/NASA mission, was launched in October 1990 to explore uncharted territories – the regions above and below the Sun’s poles – and study our star’s sphere of influence, or heliosphere, in the four dimensions of space and time.

Originally designed for a lifetime of five years, the mission has surpassed all expectations. The reams of data Ulysses has returned have forever changed the way scientists view the Sun and its effect on the space surrounding it.

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