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quick update June 1, 2007

Posted by jtintle in Website.

sorry i haven’t been posting in a while, but I am trying to wheen myself off the internet so I only check email. But hopefully soon I will get over it and start posting again. Thanks for stopping by



1. cheryl - June 15, 2007

absolutely breathtaking!! your photos encourage my life long awe of the night time sky. i’m stonecold country through n through. we’ve looked at the sky at night for as long as i can remember. thanks!

2. ForumeR - August 9, 2007

Superb!!! guess how it will be if our earth reach it time for Supernova someday, huhu

Best regards

3. Giancarlo - August 24, 2007

your the bomb! thanks for posting!

4. site - October 30, 2007


wonderful post

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