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Saturn’s Rings Sparkle in X-rays September 2, 2006

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UPPER: Recent image from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory telescope reveals
X-ray emissions from the rings of Saturn.
LOWER: More than 90 years ago, the experimental physicist Kristian Birkeland
produced the “rings of Saturn” in a glowing plasma, using a slightly magnetized 24
cm diameter conducting globe as a cathode in a vacuum discharge. Published in
1913! Electricity is nature’s efficient means of X-ray production.


X-ray: NASA/MSFC/CXC/A.Bhardwaj et al.; Optical: NASA/ESA/STScI/AURA

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1. briona - May 23, 2007

wow this picture is so hott

2. Shamiso Saturn Project - May 29, 2007

for da project copy da pic

3. Kit Cloninger - January 2, 2009

this pic is AWSOME AND SWEET!

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