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Atlantis awaiting Her Launch September 2, 2006

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Atlantis On the Launch Pad


After sunset on August 29th, 2006, Space Shuttle Atlantis is bathed in light from the fixed service structure on Launch Pad 39B. Seen on either side of Atlantis’ engine nozzles are the tail masts, which provide several umbilical connections to the orbiter, including a liquid-oxygen line through one and a liquid-hydrogen line through another. Below the mobile launcher platform, on which Atlantis rests, is the crawler-transporter beginning to move away from the platform. The shuttle had been moved off the launch pad due to concerns about the impact of Tropical Storm Ernesto, expected within 24 hours. The forecast of lesser winds expected from Ernesto and its projected direction convinced Launch Integration Manager LeRoy Cain and Shuttle Launch Director Mike Leinbach to return the shuttle to the launch pad.


NASA/Kim Shiflett



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