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Shadows in Space July 18, 2006

Posted by jtintle in Planets, Space Fotos.
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ISS013-E-49681 --- The shadows of Piers Sellers and Mike Fossum are visible against a shuttle's payload bay door during today's extravehicular activity.
high res (1.0 M) low res (67 K)
The shadows of astronauts Piers J. Sellers and Michael E. Fossum, STS-121 mission specialists, who are anchored to the Space Shuttle Discovery’s Remote Manipulator System/Orbiter Boom Sensor System (RMS/OBSS) foot restraint, are visible against a shuttle’s payload bay door during today’s session of extravehicular activity (EVA).



1. Bob McArthur - February 3, 2007

I have heard that shadows are sharper in space. I am trying to why. Doesn’t the light still scatter a bit around the edges of a shadow?

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