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The Cat’s Paw Nebula June 28, 2006

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See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download  the highest resolution version available.
Credit & Copyright:

Robert Gendler &
Martin Pugh


Nebulae are perhaps as famous for being identified with familiar shapes as perhaps

cats are for getting into trouble. Still, no known cat could have created the vast Cat’s Paw Nebula visible in Scorpius. At 5,500 light years distant, Cat’s Paw is an emission nebula with a red color that originates from an abundance of ionized hydrogen atoms. Alternatively known as the Bear Claw Nebula or NGC 6334, stars nearly ten times the mass of our Sun have been born there in only the past few million years. Pictured above, a deep wide-field image of the Cat’s Paw nebula was photographed from New South Wales, Australia.

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