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The elliptical galaxy Centaurus A June 8, 2006

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Image data obtained using the MegaCam camera, Copyright © 2004 CFHT
Color image creation by Jean-Charles Cuillandre (CFHT), Copyright © 2004 CFHT
Image optimization and editorial work by Edizioni Scientifiche Coelum


The red stars and ovoid shape of Centuarus A are characteristic of a giant elliptical galaxy, a type usually poor in gas, dust and young stars. The presence of young blue stars and large quantities of gas and dust around the center of the galaxy indicates that a dusty spiral galaxy has been absorbed by this giant elliptical within the past billion years. The nucleus of Centaurus A harbors a massive black hole whose presence is revealed by uncommonly strong radio emission, as well as X-ray radiation.



1. Haley Kreitz - December 5, 2006

its pretty

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