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Two new Milky Way companion galaxies May 10, 2006

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Meet the new neighbors! Two new dwarf galaxies, one in the constellation Bootes (left) and one in Canes Venatici (right), were recently discovered in the SDSS-II data. Though they are right in our cosmic backyard — 190,000 and 640,000 lights years away respectively — the newly discovered dwarf galaxies are extremely dim, making them hard to spot. These two put the total number of companion galaxies to our Milky Way at ten. But with the SDSS-II SEGUE project probing the Milky Way’s structure in unprecedented detail more dwarfs are sure to turn up. For more information about these two new galaxies check out the May 8, 2006 press release.
(Image credit: Vasily Belokurov, SDSS-II collaboration)

(Caption by Kristine Washburn)

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