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NGC 2359: Thor’s Helmet November 19, 2005

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See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download  the highest resolution version available.
Credit: Christine and David Smith, Steve Mandel, Adam Block (KPNO Visitor Program), NOAO, AURA, NSF

Explanation: NGC 2359 is a striking emission nebula with an impressive popular name – Thor’s Helmet. Sure, its suggestive winged appearance might lead some to refer to it as the “duck nebula”, but if you were a nebula which name would you choose? By any name NGC 2359 is a bubble-like nebula some 30 light-years across, blown by energetic winds from an extremely hot star seen near the center and classified as a Wolf-Rayet star. Wolf-Rayet stars are rare massive blue giants which develop stellar winds with speeds of millions of kilometers per hour. Interactions with a nearby large molecular cloud are thought to have contributed to this nebula’s more complex shape and curved bow-shock structures. NGC 2359 is about 15,000 light-years distant toward the constellation Canis Major.

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